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A journey into the roots of the blues
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Living the Blues is a journey into the roots of the blues and the road from New Orleans to Chicago. It is predominantly a book in pictures with some historical text. The focus is on New Orleans, Memphis and Chicago, the High Way 61, The Blues High Way and the most significant record companies and their artists. Sights, clubs to visit, historic places.

A book to be inspired by and plan your own journey and understand that the blues really is alive and well and what supply there is today. 140 pages and more than 400 pictures.

Photo and text by Kristine Gator & Billy Gansty

140 pages. 400+ pictures. Sights, clubs and historic places

Highway 61 is the most iconic road trip to experience in America that brings you back to the roots of the blues and all modern music. This trip starts in New Orleans and will take you all the way up to Chicago. Follow the cotton pickers and sharecroppers during the great migration.

The Blues is alive and kicking. See for yourself!

As a music and blues fan you will really enjoy this trip along Highway 61. It will not only be music on the road but meetings with locals and the different food traditions, a lovely countryside to travel through. Walk in the footsteps of Muddy Water, Robert Johnson, John Lee Hooker, BB King, Bessie Smith, Elmore James, Howlin´ Wolf and other greats.

When I got this book in my hand I was totally blown away. I have not made the trip by my self but here you can really get a feeling what its all about. The pictures is some of the most amazing I’v ever seen, it’s like you hear the beat and feel the smell.

Dr Rock

One of the most iconic music profiles in Sweden that have arranged over 1000 pop, rock and blues concerts.

Billy has played with a number of bands in southern Sweden and the blues interest has always been there with him. After countless journeys through the history of the blues in the American South, Billy, along with his girlfriend Kristine, has photographed and written along the way, from New Orleans to Chicago along The Blues Highway. 
J & M Recording Studio in New Orleans (operating in the 40’s and 50’s), The Crossroads, Clarksdale, Sun Studio, Stax in Memphis and Chess on Chicago’s south side are just some of the places they have visited.
Living the Blues is a very nice book as inspiration for a possible journey through the history of the blues. You will visit some of the most important places in this rich picture report.
Olle Berggren

Music journalist that for 39 years has covered the pop, rock and blues scene world wide. His articles about Stones, Beatles, Bowie, Warhol and endless more has received a great deal of attention.

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Living the Blues

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